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There’s also an older cut of this called “5clav8IPAtape”

t4c – the Wilder man said it was cold

It was cold. it was cold.
Without making the place.

Water dropping. In from the top, onto the bottom.
Liz said “breakfast’s ready”.

In the warm barn, colder now making the place,
making the place, making the place.

And poor old Sam in the place, it wasn’t until later
… (when) the Wilder man said he know us.

What he could recollect was he was out-of-breath and now it was cold. it was cold, without making the place, without making the place.
… (the place) that they were brought back to us.

… (to us, to us) that they were brought back to us.

Voice credits to leore_joanne at librivox: (